UltimateSheepWars, is a game in which two teams have to fight with sheep launched. The winner is the last team alive. The sheeps have several abilities. For winning, players can choose a kit and during the war, some boosters will randomly come up.

Spoiler: Survey (EN) / Sondage (FR)

/sw setlobby ➽ set the lobby
/sw addbooster ➽ add a booster at your position
/sw clearboosters ➽ clear all saved location for boosters
/sw addspawn <team> (blue/red/spec) ➽ add a spawn for the team <team>
/sw clearspawns <team> (blue/red/spec) ➽ clear all spawns for the team <team>
/sw start ➽ shorten the begin countdown
/sw give ➽ give you all sheeps (cheating is bad :p)
/sw changeowner ➽ allows you to change the linked spigot account
/stats <player> ➽ show player's records
/hub ➽ go back hub
/lang ➽ List all available languages

Build your map, put it in your server folder and give it "world" as name
Make sure to set the default map's name to "world" in server.properties
Put UltimateSheepWars.jar in your plugins folder
Restart your server (never use reload!!)
Setup the game with /sw help
Stop your server
Edit the config to suit your needs
Start your server again
Have fun ! :)

Spoiler: Automatically restart your server after a game

Boarding Sheep ➽ this sheep allows you to land on the ennemy's side.
Dark Sheep ➽ Enemies close to this sheep will be blind until the sheep disappears.
Distorsion Sheep ➽ It creates distortions by throwing blocks and attract players.
Earth Quake Sheep ➽ It creates an earthquake during 10 seconds.
Explosive Sheep ➽ It creates an explosion where the sheep is landing.
Fragmentation Sheep ➽ When the sheep explosed, baby sheeps will be sent around and each baby will explose.
Frozen Sheep ➽ Around the frozen sheep, enemy will have a slowness effect. Moreover, it place snow in a radius of 8 blocks and makes water become ice.
Healer Sheep ➽ It heals fighters of its team.
Incendiary Sheep ➽ It creates an explosion with fire.
Intergalactic Sheep ➽ Launch this sheep on enemy’s side, it will create a meteor rain on the sheep position.
Thunder Sheep ➽ When this sheep is landing, it creates thunderbolts around.
Remote Sheep ➽ Use this sheep and take the control with its vision: move it with standard keyboard controls. When it is in expected position, you have to sneak and the sheep will explose.
Seeker Sheep ➽ It moves automatically towards the nearest player and explodes.
Swap Sheep ➽ It switches position between the player who is launching this sheep and the nearest enemy.
Glowing Sheep ➽ It adds a glowing effect to nearby ennemies. (1.9 or higher only)

A booster is a wool block. Lifetime of a booster is configurable in the config file. When a player hit it with an arrow, the block will give bonus abilities to the player’s team. Different kind of bonus abilities are:

Arrow Knockback Booster ➽ Add a knockback effect on the target of the arrow
Arrow Fire Booster ➽ Add a fire effect on the target of the arrow
More Sheep Booster ➽ Give one sheep more to the team
Nausea Booster ➽ It adds a nausea effect to the enemy team
Poison Booster ➽ It adds a poison effect to the enemy team
Regeneration Booster ➽ Grow up the life level for every player in the player’s team
Resistance Booster ➽ Give damage protection for every player in the player’s team

When you are waiting before the game starts, you can choose a kit that you will use during the battle, here under the following kits:

More Health ➽ Increase health by 2 ♥
Better Bow ➽ Increase your bow and give it critical or punch
Better Sword ➽ Improve your sword by giving you a stone sword (instead of a wooden)
More Sheep ➽ Additional luck to receive more sheeps than the other players
Builder ➽ Give you some blocks of sand, bricks and an anvil, from the beginning of the game
Destroyer ➽ Give you a lot of TNT that you can launch with right click
Mobility ➽ Improve your speed and jump
Armored Sheep ➽ Increase health of your sheeps

sheepwars.admin ➽ allows you to use all sheepwars commands (with /sw)
sheepwars.teams.bypass ➽ allows you to join any team whithout restrictions
sheepwars.vip ➽ allows you to join full servers
sheepwars.kit.morehealth ➽ allows you to use the More health kit
sheepwars.kit.betterbow ➽ allows you to use the Better bow kit
sheepwars.kit.bettersword ➽ allows you to use the Better sword kit
sheepwars.kit.moresheep ➽ allows you to use the More sheep kit
sheepwars.kit.builder ➽ allows you to use the Builder kit
sheepwars.kit.destroyer ➽ allows you to use the Builder kit
sheepwars.kit.mobility ➽ allows you to use the Mobility kit
sheepwars.kit.armoredsheep ➽ allows you to use the Armored sheep kit

In the "UltimateSheepWars/languages" folder, you will have this file: "x_X.yml" which contents basic language = English. When a new player join the host, a new file is created to be customized by the adminstrator. For example, as my language is set in French, when i will join the server, a new language file named "fr_FR.yml" will be created. Then, for each english message (in "fr_FR.yml"), the administrator can write the message in the player language.

So, if the administrator use this functionnality, each player receive message in their own language.

If you don't want to use this functionnality, (that i can understand because you will need to translate a lot of words), you can simply put "auto-generate-language" to false (in config file) and just edit the default language ("x_X.yml") which will be applied to every player.

By the way, i've already done a translation in French that you can find here. Hope that it will help you ;)